Now, I’m definitely not the one who invented the combospin, but I am definitely one of the people who decided that was an amazing idea.  The Idea behind it, if you haven’t heard of it already, is that you take a bunch of the braids you have in your stash and you divide them upRead more


I bought a fleece. I know, I know, I really shouldn’t have.  I work and go to school full-time, I have a household to maintain and not to mention my emotional health and well-being to consider.  I’m a busy person with lots of good projects. I really don’t have the time to skirt, wash, prepare,Read more


1. ) Since my fiancee left me, I’ve let go of a lot of things that make me happy.  I’ve stopped knitting and spinning.  I stopped making dinner and making my bed.  I stopped cleaning, I stopped reading, I stopped playing minecraft and updating this blog – basically everything that brings me joy, I letRead more


Let Universal Love become Truly Universal and include everyone, and by everyone I mean both everyone around you and you. Last I checked, You were included in everyone, and Universal meant everyone, not excluding you. Read more

15-year-old motorcycle jacket

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This is a FanX story.* No knitting today, but be patient, my lovelies, it will come. As a volunteer in programming (panels), my head boss manager captain was Rick.  Rick is 13 different kinds of awesome.  Besides being patient, efficient, kind, concise, and so organized, Rick is so thoughtful. I thought I would stay atRead more

Stories to come

Wow, FanX seems to have left me here, a little bit out of breath and a lot of discombobulated.  The last few days have been spent trying to catch up on lost sleep, procrastinating a 1600 word essay I must write, putting on another sweater, and trying to figure out why my room smells aRead more

FanX, Day 1

So, FanX doesn’t seem to be something a lot of people know about.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Comic Con? They’re run by the same people, and they’re roughly 6 months apart.  Comic Con is (surprise) mostly a convention (that’s what con is short for) for comic books, comic book heroes, and the like.  FanX (FanRead more

FO Photo!

These are the Adult L and Child/Teen sizes from the pattern A Touch Of Frost Hat (~) I tested this pattern for the designer, Laura Reinbach, and while I had some (personal) troubles with the decreases at the crown (read: I forgot the dang project at home) It was a really fun knit. They’re madeRead more

An Open Letter

Dear  Netflix, I’m afraid you don’t understand my deep and abiding love for the anime Hunter X Hunter.  I’ve watched all 5 seasons, and it was only through a large dose of self-control (and a full class schedule) that let me savor the show for as long as I did.  I have now reached anRead more