I bought a fleece. I know, I know, I really shouldn’t have.  I work and go to school full-time, I have a household to maintain and not to mention my emotional health and well-being to consider.  I’m a busy person with lots of good projects. I really don’t have the time to skirt, wash, prepare,Read more


I am grateful for my blood tea*, my pastel blanket, and for the fact that my desk is by the window so I can watch the ‘snow’ snuggled in my blanket, sipping my tea, at work in the middle of the summer. *the tea has hibiscus and is therefore the color of blood.  It tastesRead more

Regularly Scheduled?

I don’t have a schedule for this, what I think of TBD – you, my family behind a screen.  I come here when I remember, when I have something to say, or when it’s been long enough that I start to miss you.  I miss the clarity that comes from putting my thoughts into words.Read more


I believe oversharing is a real thing.  I’m going to try and share as many details as all parties involved would be comfortable with, but that’s where I’m going to stop.  I thank you for your understanding.   I have been in a truly amazing relationship for a significant time.  I love him dearly, with allRead more


Since I moved, my schedule has been very different. I pretty much do whatever I want, whenever I want. There’s nobody to tell me what to do or when to do it. Read more

A List

It has been a long time, but I am back. I graduated with honors from university with my 2-year degree.  I received my Associate’s of Science.  My tassel was black, as were my robes and cap. I moved. You knew that. I graduated with honors from my high school, which boasts a 100% high schoolRead more


Whether or not trolley problems as philosophical thought experiments are effective without emotional investment, and whether or not emotional investment can be created through artificial means. Read more

An Excursion

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PART 1, “research” PART 2, “good morning!” I wake up, climb out of bed, and rush to my yarn.  I’ve slept for a whole grand total of 6 hours, and I’m interested in nothing but my yarn at this point. It looks good! On first inspection, it seems that the dye has soaked in andRead more

An Excursion

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PART 1, “research” 9:30 I realize, though having packed most (four large normal-sized boxes) of my stash, I have not yet packed this remnant of off-white cotton (I think, no ball band).  I wind it, thinking of things to do with it, and realise I also have these: 8 small packets of nothing other than…Read more

The wheelchair and the Pokemon

Wheelchair As a line control volunteer, One of my main jobs is to sort people into their lines, based on tiers or tickets.  There is, however, an ADA line, which is separate from any other line, and enters the room first.  Many people in this line fell under my care, and I have to say,Read more

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