Making this happen

Coming back to my dusty blog, I’ve discovered a renewed excitement for it.  I’ve gone through a lot of personal things and this took the back burner for a while, but my life is a lot more steady now and I’m excited to see where it takes me. A lot has happened since my lastRead more

A List

It has been a long time, but I am back. I graduated with honors from university with my 2-year degree.  I received my Associate’s of Science.  My tassel was black, as were my robes and cap. I moved. You knew that. I graduated with honors from my high school, which boasts a 100% high schoolRead more

FanX, Day 3

As you should know by now (if not, then I’m sorry) this series of posts is not set in real time.  Hence the lack of actual stories and pictures.  Trust me, when I get back (and recovered) from FanX, I’ll want to talk about nothing else.  I’ll do my darndest to get some good picturesRead more

Some things I’ve noticed

I have a set of headphones that has a cord that plugs into your computer on one end, and the headphones on the other. In other words, you can unplug the headphones from the computer and the cord from the headphones. 1.)  I like wearing just the headphones. No bluetooth, no music, just quiet.  IRead more


Wow, a blog.  Where to start.  This is a sort of a gift for myself, and while I’m sure I’ll regret it at some point in time, right now it seems like a ball to put my thoughts out there where you can see them.   I like lists! 10 Reasons I Have A BlogRead more