I am grateful for my blood tea*, my pastel blanket, and for the fact that my desk is by the window so I can watch the ‘snow’ snuggled in my blanket, sipping my tea, at work in the middle of the summer. *the tea has hibiscus and is therefore the color of blood.  It tastesRead more

Tuesdays are for Obesession

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There are no words. This yarn is my bestest buddy and dearest friend. I am unreasonably enamored. I took PLAIN WHITE YARN and I made a GRADIENT and I did it ALL BY MYSELF. I took ALL THE PICTURES LOOK AT IT  😀 It’s so beautiful, I hardly know what to say. I love it.Read more

15-year-old motorcycle jacket

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This is a FanX story.* No knitting today, but be patient, my lovelies, it will come. As a volunteer in programming (panels), my head boss manager captain was Rick.  Rick is 13 different kinds of awesome.  Besides being patient, efficient, kind, concise, and so organized, Rick is so thoughtful. I thought I would stay atRead more

An Excursion

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PART 1, “research” PART 2, “good morning!” PART 3, “victory is mine!” I decide all the skeins need is a wash, so I fill up a sink with (cold) water and get to work.  My lovely assistant, M, took today’s photos. I put a few drops of peppermint essential oils on my hands and inRead more

An Excursion

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PART 1, “research” PART 2, “good morning!” I wake up, climb out of bed, and rush to my yarn.  I’ve slept for a whole grand total of 6 hours, and I’m interested in nothing but my yarn at this point. It looks good! On first inspection, it seems that the dye has soaked in andRead more

The wheelchair and the Pokemon

Wheelchair As a line control volunteer, One of my main jobs is to sort people into their lines, based on tiers or tickets.  There is, however, an ADA line, which is separate from any other line, and enters the room first.  Many people in this line fell under my care, and I have to say,Read more

The Hat

I’m not the only volunteer at FanX. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise – after all, it is a magnificently large gathering (of my favorite kind of people).  As it was my first year volunteering, I was placed in a spot with an easy learning curve (no complaints here!) which happened to be lineRead more

FanX, Day 2

I’ve had my ticket for this convention since the month after the last one ended.  (good plan, that.) I plan my life around these events: there isn’t much that would cause a schedule conflict to result in something else winning.  Oh, what’s that I hear? You’re doing this on the weekend of FanX? Sorry, IRead more

Four… and counting

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I’m moving. I think you know that, given the fact that I’ve made a countdown chain, but today was the first day it really, really sunk in for me, and you know why? I have a tape gun.  I have taken many flattened boxes from the basement, and I have transformed them into real, valuable potentiality boxes.Read more

Only 21 feet left

Today, I woke up: the possibilities of a Saturday compounded by the fact that today technically starts my Spring Break.  I have no school until /next/ monday, and other than a dentist appointment on Monday and a few other things, this week stretches before me, an open expanse of beckoning promise.  I could knit! IRead more

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