Stories to come

Wow, FanX seems to have left me here, a little bit out of breath and a lot of discombobulated.  The last few days have been spent trying to catch up on lost sleep, procrastinating a 1600 word essay I must write, putting on another sweater, and trying to figure out why my room smells aRead more

FanX, Day 3

As you should know by now (if not, then I’m sorry) this series of posts is not set in real time.  Hence the lack of actual stories and pictures.  Trust me, when I get back (and recovered) from FanX, I’ll want to talk about nothing else.  I’ll do my darndest to get some good picturesRead more

FanX, Day 2

I’ve had my ticket for this convention since the month after the last one ended.  (good plan, that.) I plan my life around these events: there isn’t much that would cause a schedule conflict to result in something else winning.  Oh, what’s that I hear? You’re doing this on the weekend of FanX? Sorry, IRead more

FanX, Day 1

So, FanX doesn’t seem to be something a lot of people know about.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Comic Con? They’re run by the same people, and they’re roughly 6 months apart.  Comic Con is (surprise) mostly a convention (that’s what con is short for) for comic books, comic book heroes, and the like.  FanX (FanRead more

Four… and counting

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I’m moving. I think you know that, given the fact that I’ve made a countdown chain, but today was the first day it really, really sunk in for me, and you know why? I have a tape gun.  I have taken many flattened boxes from the basement, and I have transformed them into real, valuable potentiality boxes.Read more

Some things I’ve noticed

I have a set of headphones that has a cord that plugs into your computer on one end, and the headphones on the other. In other words, you can unplug the headphones from the computer and the cord from the headphones. 1.)  I like wearing just the headphones. No bluetooth, no music, just quiet.  IRead more

FO Photo!

These are the Adult L and Child/Teen sizes from the pattern A Touch Of Frost Hat (~) I tested this pattern for the designer, Laura Reinbach, and while I had some (personal) troubles with the decreases at the crown (read: I forgot the dang project at home) It was a really fun knit. They’re madeRead more

Only 21 feet left

Today, I woke up: the possibilities of a Saturday compounded by the fact that today technically starts my Spring Break.  I have no school until /next/ monday, and other than a dentist appointment on Monday and a few other things, this week stretches before me, an open expanse of beckoning promise.  I could knit! IRead more

I think I’m naming it Kari

Today, my friends, marks the momentous and long-awaited arrival of my own personal ball winder and swift.  Pictures forthcoming.  I’ve coveted wanted my very own since the moment I found out they existed, and finally, finally, finally (!) my financial situation, my attitude, and the combo discount through WEBS all aligned with the planets and IRead more

An Open Letter

Dear  Netflix, I’m afraid you don’t understand my deep and abiding love for the anime Hunter X Hunter.  I’ve watched all 5 seasons, and it was only through a large dose of self-control (and a full class schedule) that let me savor the show for as long as I did.  I have now reached anRead more

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